Scandals & Feuds

Scandals are the cracks through which some crimes can slip from view and become veiled from justice.

When criminal charges cannot be filed, due to lack of evidence, passing of the statute-of-limitations, or other constraints, immoral behavior is protected from being named as crime. A kind of purgatory for crime, these incidents are labeled “scandal.” Sanctions levied can include dismissal, forced resignation, “defrocking” (withdrawal of ordination or licensing), excommunication, or other condescension.

Entries on these pages can contain arrests, charges, or indictments, which may eventually be reduced, dropped, or expunged, and as such, these actors may in fact be innocent in a court of law.

These are just a few of the incidents we have identified. There are many more to be uploaded, so please check back.

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2019 – Victory Life Church, Durant, OK. A drug raid was launched against the Achille mayor. According to a lawsuit, one of the police agencies involved was an officer from the church. According to the police chief, no one from Victory Life Police Department participated. Achille Mayor Suing Durant Church for Alleged Role in Arrest.

2019 – Courageous Church, Atlanta, GA. Shaun King (former pastor) was questioned repeatedly about his successful fundraising efforts on social media. He was not helped by his aggressive legal response to his detractors including ‘cease and desist’ letters to suspected libelous violators. Shaun King Threatens to Sue Activists Who Accused Him on Twitter of Mishandling Fundraisers.

2019 – The Wisdom Center, Haltom City. Mike Murdock (evangelist). This prosperity preacher makes no bones about it: Cash is king and he says he has a lot of it.

2019 – Strong Hold Baptist Church, Gwinnett, GA. David Berzins (pastor) allegedly advocates for the eradication of homosexuals. Metro Atlanta church may soon be on national list of hate groups.

2019 – The Church for the Healthy Self (virtual church), Westminster, CA. Kent R.E. Whitney (pastor) investigated by FBI for a “commodities scheme.” The loss is believed to be $25 M, and the church was placed under court-appointed receivership. Several weapons were also seized. Feds Target Westminster Church Suspected of Swindling $25 Million From Vietnamese investors.

2019 – The Church for the Healthy Self (virtual church), Westminster, CA. David Lee Parrish (co-pastor) investigated by FBI for a “commodities scheme.” The loss is believed to be $25 M, and the church was placed under court-appointed receivership. Several weapons were also seized. Feds Target Westminster Church Suspected of Swindling $25 Million From Vietnamese Investors.

2019 – New Birth Community Church, Pritchard, AL. Joseph Lee Bonner-Bey (cemetery director) is under investigation. This involves the mismanagement of a cemetery operated by the church. It is alleged that caskets were being reused and burials were improperly carried out. The director of the cemetery was arrested. One Arrest After Several Mobile Graves Exhumed in Burial Investigation.

2019 – Stedfast Baptist Church, Fort Worth, TX. Donnie Romero (former pastor) resigned from his position when he was caught allegedly soliciting prostitution from a male. He also admitted to using drugs and gambling. This pastor’s history included calling victims of the Pulse Nightclub Mass Shooting “scum of the earth.” Anti-LGBTQ Pastor Leaves Position After Being Caught Sleeping With Prostitutes.

2019 – Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, UT. Ensign Peak Advisors (church investment arm) is accused by a whistleblower David Nielsen, a former investment employee. Complaint was made to the IRS that money at Ensign is being used “to bail out for-profit companies” and that no money actually goes to charity, in violation of their nonprofit status. Whistleblower Says Mormon Church Abuses Its Tax Exempt Status.

2019 – Linden Presbyterian Church, Linden, NJ. William Weaver (pastor) allegedly used “oral sex to extract ‘evil spirits’ from men undergoing crises in their lives.” Such acts were during exorcism rituals. Just prior to church trial, the pastor gave up his resigned his ordination. Longtime Linden Minister Used Oral Sex in Exorcism Ritual, Men Claim.

2019 – Harvest Bible Chapel, Rolling Meadows, IL, and Naples, FL. James MacDonald (senior pastor) was removed amidst accusations of “harmful conduct.” Public criticism of the pastor calls him “a carnival barker actor” who is using the church as “a giant Ponzi scheme.” Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor James MacDonald Fired: ‘A Hard But Necessary Day For Our Church’.

2019 – West Side Community Church, Leelanau County, MI. John Clark (pastor) resigned when alleged financial irregularities were turned over to the sheriff by church leaders. Questions Remain After Pastor’s Departure at West Side Community Church.

2019 – Global Healing Christian Missions, electronic website and social media; Burlington County, NJ. Robert Baldwin (pastor) is accused of promoting an alleged fake miracle cure sent to Uganda aimed at eradicating HIV and other illnesses. ‘People Are Calling Me Satan,’ Says N.J. Pastor Accused of Sending 50K Africans Bogus ‘Miracle Cure’ Made of Bleach.

2019 – New Birth Community Church, Pritchard, AL. Cedrick McMillian (pastor) is under investigation. This involves the alleged mismanagement of a cemetery operated by the church. It is alleged that caskets were being reused and burials were improperly carried out. The director of the cemetery was arrested. One Arrest After Several Mobile Graves Exhumed in Burial Investigation.

2019 – Joshua Media Ministries International, Taylor, MI. David E. Taylor (minister) INVESTIGATION of alleged cult was published by the News-Herald of Southgate Michigan. Accusations include manipulation, physical assaults on its members, sexual misconduct and financial misconduct. 1) Pastor Is Abusive and Running a ‘Cult,’ Report Charges.  2) Pastor Accused of Running his Multimillion-Dollar Taylor Church As a ‘Cult’. 

2019 – Resurrection Church, Santa Rosa, CA. Oscar Diaz (pastor) is accused of pilfering from the collection bags in the amount of tens of thousands of dollars. Diocese: Santa Rosa Priest Found With Bags of Stolen Cash Totaling $95,000 After Car Crash.

2018 – St. Michael the Archangel Church, Greenwich, CT. Michael Moynihan (priest) is accused of financial improprieties, of opening accounts not documented in church records. He was forced to resign. Greenwich Church Puts Scandal Behind It, Welcomes New Pastor.

2018 – St. Martin de Porres Catholic Church, Prosper, TX. Richard Kirkham (priest) forced into resigning by the bishop for an alleged affair with a church staff member. The priest is alleged to have admitted the affair to the bishop in a casual setting. Fort Worth Bishop Forced Prosper Priest to Resign For Urging Fellow Priest to End Alleged Affair, Attorney Says.

2018 – Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, Nashville, TN. Frank S. Page (CEO) admitted “to a ‘morally inappropriate’ relationship” and resigned. Frank S. Page, Top Southern Baptist Leader, Resigns Due to ‘Morally Inappropriate’ Relationship.

2018 – Precious Blood (church), Jefferson, MO. Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. Deusdedit Mulokozi (priest) removed from ministry due to being “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of youth. Accused Priests Identified in Records Seized at Shalom Center in Montgomery County.

2018 – Roman Catholic Diocese of Nashville, TN. A deacon has been relieved of duties for calling for an independent investigation into sexual abuse of minors after the quality of a sexual abuse investigation has been called into question. The church objects to the deacon’s “public disagreement” with the diocese. Deacon Removed From Ministry After Calling for Investigation.

2008 – Thorington Road Baptist Church, Montgomery, AL. Gary Aldridge (pastor) was found dead in his home, the victim of an autoerotic accident. Also known as sexual asphyxia, the pastor was found wearing wet suits and “rubberized underwear.” Falwell Pastor Found Dead In Wetsuit After Autoerotic Mishap.

2018 – Life Center Assembly of God, Tacoma, WA. Dean Curry (pastor) was terminated for alleged “unspecified physical misconduct with a former female employee.” Megachurch pastor’s dismissal based on accounts from ‘two or more witnesses,’ church leaders say.

2018 – Highpoint Church, Memphis, TN. Chris Conlee (lead pastor) “publicly backed on of his staff who was accused of sexual assault.” The pastor has resigned based on mutual agreement with the board. Megachurch Pastor Resigns Following Sex Abuse Scandal.

2018 – Highpoint Church, Memphis, TN. Andy Savage (pastor) as a result of the #metoo movement publicly admitted a “sexual encounter with a 17-year-old high school senior in Texas 20 years ago.” He was asked to resign his pastor position. His upcoming book has also been canceled. The church where the incident took place was Woodlands Parkway Baptist Church. No charges were ever filed. Memphis Pastor Andy Savage Sees Publisher Cancel Book, Petition Calling For Resignation Over Sex Assault Case.

2018 – First Baptist Church, Gainesville, FL. Bill Coates (pastor) is alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct by a female staff member. Law enforcement has not been involved. He has resigned. Church: Sexual Misconduct Accusation Led to Gainesville Pastor’s Exit.

2018 – Evergreen Church (mega church), Mark Darling (pastor) was rescinded of his ordination “after an independent investigation found he engaged in ‘inappropriate conduct’ with female church members.” Mega Church Pastor Resigns After Investigation Into ‘Inappropriate Conduct’.

2018 – Crossroads Christian Church (mega-church), Evansville, IN. Two pastors were dismissed for “philosophical differences in church leadership.” Crossroads Christian Church: ‘Philosophical Differences’ Led to Lead Pastor Dismissal.

2018 – Bethel Baptist Church; Hillside Church of Grover Beach of the Christian & Missionary Alliance, Grover Beach, AL. Ronald Kennedy (pastor) is alleged to have misappropriated church funds. Grover Beach Church Leaders Accused of Misappropriation of Funds.

2018 – Relentless Church (mega church), Greenville, SC. John Gray (pastor) gave his wife a Lamborghini Urus for their anniversary during a church event. The pastor claims he didn’t use the church’s money for the car. With Tears, Megachurch Pastor John Gray Defends $200K Lamborghini Anniversary Gift to Wife. 

2017 – St. John the Baptist’s Catholic Church, Wyndmere, ND; St. Arnold’s Catholic Church, Milnor, ND. Thomas Feltman (pastor) under investigation by the Sheriff’s Office, but was never charged. Fargo Catholic Diocese Puts Priest on Leave Over Concerns About ‘His Interaction With Youth’.

2017 – Spring Branch Missionary Baptist Church, Laurinburg, NC. Bert Lattaker III (pastor) was forced to resign and enforced by Sheriff’s intervention at least twice. While some of the charges were for performance issues, he was faulted for not having a driver’s license. He was arrested for driving after suspension on multiple occasions, and later cited for failure to appear. Church At Odds Over Pastor Resignation.

2017 – Harvest Bible Chapel, Chicago area, IL. James MacDonald (leadership board) was pressured into resigning due to excessive debt and suspected mismanagement of funds. HBC Elders Remove MacDonald From Leadership; Retain Him For Teaching.

2017 – Unidentified church, Zwolle, TX. Daniel Thomas (pastor) is chief of a police department whose regional drug task force whose confidential records have allegedly been leaked. The Sheriff’s investigation report states that the chief once agreed to not make an arrest if a female was provided to him for oral sex. Whirl of Suspicion Surrounds Small-Town Police Chief After Breach of Drug Task Force Intelligence.

2017 – Community Presbyterian Church, Rancho Bernardo, CA. Bryan Stamper (associate pastor) and the church is being sued for “sexual harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and failure to prevent retaliation and harassment.” Youth Pastor Sues Rancho Bernardo Community Presbyterian Church Over Sexual Harassment.

2016 – Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church, Sioux Falls, SD. Justin Wachs (priest) accused of sexual harassment of his church secretary. This harassment involving “inappropriate touching, texts and emails.” He was “reassigned to the Vatican to investigate cases of sexual abuse against priests.” Resigns Vatican Position.

2016 – Lindale Mennonite Church, Linville, VA. Duane Yoder (pastor) license terminated for not fully disclosing “allegations of sexual abuse” regarding “a consensual affair” with a young adult congregation member and another church leader. Virginia Conference Terminates Pastor’s Credentials.

2016 – Salem Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX. Hosea Stubblefield (pastor) seen in various sex videos with multiple women. It is possible it was during the time he was still married to his former wife. Church Wants Pastor Removed After Seeing Him in Sex Tape.

2016 – Morning Star Friends Church, Chardon, Chardon, OH. David Guarnera was recruited by Margaret Vaughn to be a court-approved “Big Brother” mentor to a disabled child. The family of the child warned them against engaging in religious activities with the child following a year’s worth of religious harassment. However, the church pastor (Matthew Chesnes) and the big brother (Guarnera) allegedly engaged in a forcible full-immersion baptism of the child against the parent’s wishes. The lawsuit was filed by the ACLU against the several alleged participants including the Morning Start Friends Church. Atheists File Lawsuit After Child Forcibly Baptized by Court-Approved Mentor.

2016 – Sonrise Church, Clovis, CA. Former unidentified staff member has been identified with misappropriating funds. No arrest yet. The senior pastor states that “He said honesty and transparency with the community are important to the church.” But they won’t say how much or name any suspect. Pastor Says Former Staffer Likely Stole Money From Clovis Church.

2015 – Shiloh Baptist Church, Dayton, OH. Timothy Newkirk (pastor) is not accepting of his termination by the leadership of a shrinking congregation. Police were called at one point to remove the pastor from the property during a Bible study session. Lawsuits were also filed. Pastor, Board Embroiled in Feud.

2014 – Willow Creek (mega church), Barrington, IL. Bill Hybels (founder) is suffering allegations of sexual misconduct (inappropriate touching by several (10) women), sexually suggestive comments, and allegations of a long-term extra-marital affair. A megachurch pastor resigns after sexual misconduct allegations. The Larger Problem Remains.

2014 – Mission Community Church, Phoenix, AZ. Mark Connelly (lead pastor) forced to resign due to his admitted extramarital affairs. He spoke often about “successful marriage.” Married Mega-Church Pastor Forced to Resign After Confessing to Multiple Affairs With Women From His Congregation.

2014 – Gothard Institute of Basic Life Principles. Bill Gothard (minister). “More than 30 women accused Gothard of molestation and assault, including underage girls. The allegations included sexual harassment, inappropriate touching, molestation, and rape.” He Was Forced to Resign.

2014 – St. Augustine Church, Dardanelle, St. Andrew Church, Danville and associate pastor for Hispanic ministry, St. John Church, Russellville, AR. James Melnick (pastor) was removed due to “credible allegations of sexual misconduct” with adult victims. Yell County Priest Removed From Church After Sexual Misconduct Accusations.

2014 – Colonial Hills Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN. Nate Utley (youth pastor) “recently produced a bizarre video that portrays a woman getting beaten.” Youth Pastor Watch.

2013 – Visit Forum Ministries. Doug Phillips (president) was “forced to resign after being publicly accused of sexual abuse and assault against a woman he met when she was only 15 years old. Several years later, Phillips had moved the woman into his house as his nanny. Phillips Sexually Abused Her by Masturbating On the Woman Multiple Times While She Cried and Asked Him to Stop.”

2013 – St. Nicholas Catholic Church, Myra, AK. J. Michael Hornick (priest) is alleged to have inappropriate physical contact with five women or girls. He was forced to resign. Church Seeks to Defrock Priest.

2013 – St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, Jamaica, Queens, NY. Peter Hirakis (former board president, and parish council member) accused of “self dealing, dubious insurance claims and missing cash” which is being investigated by the Queens District Attorney’s Office. His is a convicted felon regarding insurance fraud from 1991. Big fat Greek mess at St. Demetrios Church in Queens.

2013 – Elevation Church (megachurch), Weddington, NC. Steven Furtick (pastor). Elevation Church Pastor Steve Furtick’s Hidden Multi-Million Dollar Home Raises Questions Of Transparency.

2013 – Mars Hill Church (mega-church), Seattle, WA. Mark Driscoll (pastor) faced formal complaints by the church board for “perceived abusive behavior” including “domineering, verbally violent, arrogant, and quick-tempered.” There were also concerns about financial management. Mark Driscoll [Wikipedia].

2013 – Church of Wells, Jacksonville, FL. Feud between a church elders and a counseling client about an accusation satanic worship. Church of Wells: Feud Prompts First Communication From Church of Wells.

2012 – Jericho City of Praise, Landover, MD. Joel R. Peebles (acting pastor) was fired when after the death of his pastor mother, it appeared he saw himself next in line of a lucrative “massive assets” mega-church. The elder board disagreed and terminated him also of his membership. Joel Peebles, Megachurch Pastor, Is Fired From Church His Parents Founded.

2012 – Awareness Center International Ministries (aka Trumpet of Zion Ministries), Little Rock, AR. Lawrence E. Braggs (apostle) charged in a lawsuit that alleges sexual abuse by “manipulating her strong religious convictions.” Woman Claims Sexual Abuse by Pastor. 

2011 – Our Lady of the Valley, Hemet, CA. Louis Perreault (priest) listed by the diocese as having been credibly accused of sexual abuse. Accused Priests Identified In Records Seized at Shalom Center In Montgomery County.

2010 – Morning Star Community Church, Salem.MA. Ken Engelking (pastor) was asked to resign after allegations of sexual assault. Morning Star Community Church in Salem.

2010 – National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). George Alan Rekers (pastor) “was discovered that he was traveling in Europe with a rent boy in 2010.” 10 Evangelist Preachers Who Fell From Grace.

2009 – Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA. Son of televangelist Robert Schuller abruptly resigned at the senior pastor amid “financial turmoil.” But others blame “powerful personalities” as the culprit, with differences between the father-son duo. Megachurch On Brink of Collapse Over Feud.

2009 – Abundant Life Christian Fellowship (mega church), Mountain View, CA. Paul Sheppard (pastor) resigned in a response to his “moral failure” which he says he has confessed to his wife. Local Megachurch’s Charismatic Leader Resigns.

2008 – Congregational Church, South Dennis, MA. Jeffrey Windle (treasurer) suspected of embezzling $757,000 but has not yet been officially charged. Dennis Church Volunteer Treasurer Said To Pilfer $750K.

~2008 – St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Dallas, TX. Edmundo Paredes (pastor) suspended by the church for allegations of sexual abuse. He is also accused of embezzlement of between $60,000 to $80,000. Priest Accused of Molesting Teens, Stealing From Oak Cliff’s St. Cecilia Parish Has Gone Missing.

2007 – New Life Christian Centre, Fort Pierce, West Palm Beach, FL. Ronald McCaskill (pastor) charged with soliciting prostitution. However, a judge “signed an order expunging all criminal records relating to McCaskill’s Nov. 1, 2007 arrest.” According to charges, “Investigators allege the men approached an undercover officer posing as a prostitute and solicited her to perform a sexual act for money.” Pastor faces charges of soliciting prostitute.

2007 – Orthodox Church of America, Syosset, NY. Robert Kondratick (priest) fired for financial misconduct, but no charges were ever leveled. He “was tried by church leaders in a “Spiritual Court,” after which he was removed as a priest.” Venice church official accused of embezzling $53,950.

2007 – St. Mary’s Church, Colts Neck, NJ. Michael Fugee (priest) resigned and later agreed to “seek laicization” (defrocking). He had been convicted of a sexual assault in 2003, but the conviction did not stand due to some procedural errors. Point Pleasant priest arrested on sex abuse charge.

2006 – New Life Church (mega church), Colorado Springs, CO. Ted Haggard (former pastor) is alleged to have “used crystal meth in front of his male lover.” He was forced to resign. Ted Haggard, mega-church founder felled by sex scandal, returns to pulpit.

2005 – Our Lady Help of Christians, Newton, MA. Walter Cuenin (priest) was forced to resign from service due to accusations of “financial improprieties.” Newton Parishioners Hold Vigil to Protest Pastor’s Resignation.

2005 –Unidentified church, Scottsdale, AZ. Gene Young (priest) was excommunicated due to allegations of sexual misconduct. Excommunicated priest’s rise and fall.

2000 – Kennydale United Methodist Church, Edgewood. Dan Sailer (pastor) is a person of interest in an arson. He also faces a perjury charge. 1) Homosexual pastor faces charge. 2) Church won’t discipline pastor.

1997 – Unidentified church, GA. Jeff Peterson-Davis (youth minister) was asked to resign after child porn was found on his computer. There are many other accusations of sexual assault, but never an arrest. “Peterson-Davis’s alleged misdeeds are further disclosed in an internal report the Presbytery of Greater Atlanta published in August 2013. The report found the accusations against him credible.” All Hell Breaks Loose in Sex Abuse Lawsuit.

1996 – Haller Lake United Methodist Church, Seattle, WA. Dan Sailer (pastor) was cleared after having faced a church trial for giving false testimony in an alleged road-rage incident. He was alleged to have pushed the victim to the ground, for which he was charged with assault. Church won’t discipline pastor.

1993 – Precious Blood Church, Woonsocket parish, Diocese of Providence, RI. John C. Allard (priest) accused in 2013 of “credible allegation” for sexual misconduct. He has resigned. Bishop Accountability Database reveals that charges were not filed due to the statute of limitations being expired. Timeline: Sex-Abuse Cases Involving Rhode Island Priests.

1992 – Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Corpus Christi, TX. John Feminelli (priest) sued in court for sexual misconduct. Accused priests identified in records seized at Shalom Center in Montgomery County.

1992 – Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn, NY. James “Jaime” Lara (priest) removed from priesthood due to for sexual offenses against children. Professor Resigns After Exposed As Defrocked Priest Who Abused Kids.

1989 – First Presbyterian Church, River Forest, IL. Ronald Campbell (youth pastor) was charged in an ecclesiastical court alleging sexual abuse of a former congregant, age 14. The victim was given $150,000 without admitting wrongdoing. “Because the statute of limitations had run out on the abuse, Campbell cannot be tried on criminal charges and will not serve time in prison. Instead the church tried him in its own court system.” Ministry finds pastor guilty of sex abuse.

~1989 – Diocese of Providence, RI. Kevin R. Fisette (priest) charged with a “credible allegation” of child sexual abuse. He was suspended from public ministry. Timeline: Sex-abuse cases involving Rhode Island priests.

1988 – Worldwide Ministries, Assembly of God, New Orleans, LA.  Jimmy Swaggart (evangelical preacher) public confession that he “slept with prostitutes” after photographs showed him leaving a hotel with a prostitute. This televangelist cried in front of 8,000 people after being caught with prostitutes.

1988 – Jim Bakker was indicted on “eight counts of mail fraud, 15 counts of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy.” The scandals that brought down the Bakkers, once among US’s most famous televangelists.

1987 – Assembly of God, The PTL Club, televangelist. Jim Bakker (pastor) resigned due to “sexual abuse and fraud.” “Bakker’s secretary publicly accused the televangelist of raping and drugging her [Jessica Hahn].” He was also convicted of accounting fraud. Jim Bakker [Wikipedia].

1984 – St. Therese’s Catholic Church, Pittsburgh, PA. Francis Luddy (priest) investigated by a grand jury for alleged sexual abuse of a male from age 11-17. Believing the unbelievable: How an Altoona lawyer took on the Catholic church over clergy sex abuse.

1981 – Immaculate Conception, Cranston, RI. John C. Allard (priest) admitted abusing a minor boy. No criminal charges were levied due to the stature of limitations. Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States.

1980s – First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana; now at Fallen In Grace Ministries, Columbia, TN. Dave Hyles (pastor) has been accused of child rape of 15-year old girl.  Hundreds of sexual abuse allegations in Fundamental Baptist churches, investigation finds.

~1980s – St. Patrick Church, Lake Highlands, TX. Richard Johnson (priest) suspended for alleged sexual abuse in the 1980s. Lawsuit was settled in 2006. Priest accused of molesting teens, stealing from Oak Cliff’s St. Cecilia parish has gone missing.

1974 – Church of the Christian Crusade, AR. Billy James Hargis (evangelist) is alleged to have “used his position to seduce two members of the college, one male and one female, deflowering them both in the process.” 10 Evangelist Preachers Who Fell From Grace.

Year Unknown – Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri. Deusdedit Mulokozi (priest) removed from ministry due to “credibly accused” of sexual abuse of youth. Accused priests identified in records seized at Shalom Center in Montgomery County.


Although feuds are generally the result of internal dissent within an organization or entity, they often result from immoral or criminal acts. Some result in lawsuits or other forms of legal intervention.

2018 – Southern Acres Christian Church, Lexington, KY. A church feuded with an ex-pastor over “financial mismanagement” and refusal to return church keys. Several lawsuits were filed, but some were later withdrawn. Kentucky Church Shuts Doors After Feud With Ex-pastor.

2018 – Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Charlotte Hall, MD. A priest tossed the family of the deceased from his church prior to their mother’s funeral after “someone knocked over the church’s sacred chalice before the start of the…service.” All caught on camera! Priest kicks family out of church before mom’s funeral.

2018 – First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, TX. Millions of dollars were donated in the wake of he Sutherland Springs massacre. The feud centers on the distribution and use of these funds as controlled mainly by the church. The public is demanding a public accounting, of which the IRS does not require of churches, but no official allegations have yet been made. As Sutherland Springs victims feud over funds, here are three things to know.

2017 – Michaux’s Church of God (aka Gospel Spreading Church), Newport News, PA. Church of God at Williamsburg, PA. This feud led to a lawsuit over “building permits and land rights” for a large farm property (over 1000 acres) purchased decades ago for the purpose of an African American historical memorial and museum. From farm to feud: Evangelist’s black ‘mecca’ faces uncertain future.

2017 – First United Methodist Church, Aberdeen, SD. At odds with the national UMC, the church is refusing to pay their funding over the ordination and appointment of an openly gay bishop. Key stories — business for new mothers, church feud, adding to the family and selling cattle.

2015 – River Pointe Church, Houston, TX. The church feuded with Hiram Butler Gallery over use of their parking spaces across from the church. A gay owned gallery, the owner erected a “Parking Only for Gay Conversion Therapy” sign to keep cars from parking there. The senior pastor issued a public apology. Gallery Owner Uses “Gay Conversion Therapy” Sign to Resolve Church Parking Feud.

2015 – Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and non-denominational churches in the town of Fountain Hills, AZ. These churches are campaigning against a progressive Methodist congregation which is alleged to espouse “denial of the virgin birth, advocacy of gay rights, and his willingness to participate in services at a nearby mosque.” It involves public banners and, a sermon series, along with op-ed pieces in local media. Feud over ‘progressive’ Methodist teachings unites churches, but sounds like ‘Sunnis and Shiites’ to one local.

2013 – Trinity Church, Manhattan, New York, NY. James Cooper (priest), an alleged controversial rector. It is alleged that he rigged a church election. The matter was brought before the Manhattan Supreme Court in the form of a lawsuit. Trinity Church’s board in open revolt against Rev. James Cooper’s extravagant ways.

2012 – Christian Faith Missionary Baptist Church, Houston, TX. Following death of pastor in the pulpit, a feud broke out over the selection of a new pastor. A lawsuit was filed. Judge fails to solve church feud over pastor outside court.

2012 – Anglican Mission, Nashville, TN. Formed in defiance of the Anglican Church (Episcopal) in America, they are now fighting among themselves over “money and power.” Anglican breakaway group confronts new power struggle.

2011 – Beulah Baptist Church, Houma, LA. A dispute over “management and finances” led to intervention by Sheriff’s Deputies, restraining order barring at least seven parish members, and court action. The church has failed to hold required board elections for at least six years, and information on the church finances have allegedly been withheld. Judge attempts to calm church feud.

2010 – United Methodist Church, Beech Grove, IN. The feud centered around a property zoning issue, with two church members running against one another for county commissioner. It also pitted those wanting “progress, growth, economic opportunity” against “opponents as squirrel-eating backwoods rednecks.” Family feud: Politics in a small church.

2010 – Solid Rock Church, Monroe, OH; Darlene Bishop Ministries. Bishop allegely withheld money from her late songwriter’s brother’s estate from the church. Family members accused her of hastening his death by encouraging prayer rather than medical treatment. Bishop conceded the money when “a 62-foot-tall Jesus statute was struck by lightning” severely damaging it. Co-pastor of ‘Touchdown Jesus’ church ends estate feud.

2009 – Elysian Fields Church of Christ, Gentilly, LA. The feud is between the church and its minister Jarvis James. The crux of the feud appears to be a power dispute with elders of the church, but was also charged with “late for meetings, unreliable, didn’t preach the Scriptures properly and caused discord within the congregation. James had also ‘refused to participate in a mentoring and counseling process’ meant to resolve such issues”. In addition the pastor is accused he “confiscated money from the collection plate, sought credit cards in his name drawing from the church bank account, added his name to the church’s registration with the state and changed the building’s locks.” Gentilly church feud boils over into court.

2006 – Crystal Cathedral Ministries (megachurch), CA. The church allegedly experienced ‘founders’ syndrome.’ When Robert Schuller Sr. retired, disagreements arose between Schuller Sr. and his son over handling of finances and other forms of organizational control. Tumult at Crystal Cathedral megachurch rooted in perils of succession.

2004 – Whitney First Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC. Infighting between members (many involving one family) led to a trespassing notice with Sheriff’s Deputies posted at the doors. Family feud divides Baptist church.

1996 – Williams Temple of the Apostolic Faith Church; The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ; Brooklyn, NY. Longstanding feud between two nearby churches regarding the successfulness of each that has ended in a murderous shooting. Anger Lingers in Church-Feud Shootings.

1996 – Prince of Peace Disciples Church/Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Brownsville, Brooklyn, New York, NY. Three members of one church allegedly confronted members of the other. “In front of the Prince of Peace church, the pastor’s three sons then took out guns and fired at the parishioners, one of whom died.” The shooter was believed to be the son of one of the pastors. 2 Churches, A Rivalry, And a Killing.

1931 – Church War of Jonesboro, AR. Joe Jeffers (tent revival evangelist) vs Dow Heard (pastor) and town mayor. Few People Know About This Outrageous Feud Of Arkansas’ Past That Called In The National Guard.