Here are some most excellent resources on crime at churches. Please click on the links.

Report on Pennsylvania Church Sex Abuse

Grand Jury Report, as published by The Washington Post


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In the Name of God: The True Story of the Fight to Save Children from Faith-Healing Homicide. By Cameron Stauth (Thomas Dunne, 2013).

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Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships. By Janja Lalich & Madeleine Tobias. (Bay Tree, 2006).

The 80% Solution: Christians Doing the Right Thing. By Donald R. Barbare (Xlibre Corp., 2012).

When Prayer Fails: Faith Healing, Children and the Law. By Shawn Francis Peters (Oxford, 2007).

Worship and Sin: An Exploration of Religion-related Crime in the United States. By Karel Kurst-Swanger (Peter Lang Publishing, 2008).


Database of Publicly Accused Priests in the United States

State-by-state accounting of Catholic priests credibly accused of sexual abuse in the United States. Provided at Bishop

Database of Megachurches in the U.S.

Utah White Collar Crime Offender Registry

“The Utah White Collar Crime Offender Registry, a first-of-its kind program launched by the attorney general’s office in 2016, is a searchable database of people convicted of a range of financial crimes in the previous 10 years. Just enter the person’s name, and if he or she is in the registry, you will find the nature of the offense, and when and where it occurred. You will even get a picture of the offender.” American Greed (2018).


BECAUSE IT MATTERS ~ Freedom from Abuse in Christianity


Black Collar Crimes

Criminal Christians

Hartford Institute for Religion Research

Inter-University Consortium on Political and Social Research

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests

Southern Poverty Law Center