Church Crime Information is devoted to illuminating the underworld of criminal behavior in the United States churches that are associated with their pastors or other church staff. Churches are also included if crime or violence occurs in a church setting. If you go to church, you should know what kinds of dangers lurk and how to keep yourself safe.

We expect churches and their staff to represent our moral best. Church Crime Information reveals types of crimes and the extent to which churches are havens for certain kinds of illegal misbehavior. However, postings on this site do NOT contain ALL the illegal acts associated with churches. Instances of arrest during civil protests have been purposefully excluded.

Furthermore, most entries on these pages only contain arrests, charges, or indictments, which may eventually be reduced or dropped, and as such, these actors may in fact be innocent in a court of law. Cases where a participant is exonerated by the judicial process may also be excluded.

Many pastor/minister/preacher entries on this site vary as to current versus former status. This most commonly results from church boards discharging pastors from employment following an arrest or conviction in an effort to minimize damage to the church’s identity or name brand, and therefore, are not a good indicator of role status at the time of the offense.

Crime cases continue to be added as they become available and as time permits.

“The church is a natural hub for people who are broken.”

Pastor, Robin Robinson. Washington Post (2016).


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