Security Crime

Entries on these pages can contain arrests, charges, or indictments, which may eventually be reduced, dropped, or expunged, and as such, these actors may in fact be innocent in a court of law.

These are just a few of the security crime incidents we have identified. There are many more to be uploaded, so please check back.

Crime committed by church security personnel is a relatively new classification. It emerged likely due to the proliferation of megachurches wherein there were large populations of congregants to be protected, but also due to the enormous sums of money being amassed.

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Church Security Guards

2019 – St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church, Louisville, KY. Michael Charles Hawkins (security guard) charged with theft from the church’s donation box, but caught on surveillance video. The loss was approximately $5,000. Church Security Guard Charged With Theft.

2018 – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, IL. Jarrell Patterson (security guard) charged with burglary. He and an accomplice security guard entered the church on his day off using his key and accessed basket donations. The loss is believed to be approximately $100,000. The theft was caught on security video. Security Guard, Friend Used Key To Steal As Much As $100,000 In Church Collections From Holy Name, Prosecutors Say.

2018 – Life Church, Oklahoma City, OK. James Lee Smith (church security guard) arrested attempting to take donation money. He provided “security for the money collected during services.” Church Security Guard Accused in Donation Theft Case.

2018 – T.D. Jakes Ministries, Fort Worth, TX. Brandon Amie (security guard) “body-slammed” and  handcuffed a welcoming-volunteer for attempting to leave the church. 1) T.D. Jakes Apologizes After Potter’s House Volunteer Is Cuffed In Church. 2) T.D. Jakes church volunteer body-slammed, cuffed at Potter’s House, Video Shows.

2018 – Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, IL. A church security guard and another man burglarized a church safe during Sunday services over the course of several weeks. The total take was nearly $100,000. Both men were employed by Monterrey Security, which had been contracted by the church for security. Security Guard, Friend Used Key To Steal As Much As $100,000 In Church Collections From Holy Name, Prosecutors Say.

2018 – Oasis Christian Church, Santa Ana, CA. Jose Trinidad Tavarez (security guard) arrested for molesting a young girl. He also had an apparent criminal background. Santa Ana Oasis Christian Church Security Guard Arrested for Molesting 4-Year-Old.

2018 – Maypole Avenue Church of Christ, Chicago, IL. Unidentified security guard was shot as he defended Bible study group from a robbery attempt. Church Security Guard Shot During Wednesday Night Study.

2018 – St. Sabina’s Roman Catholic Church, Chicago, IL. Henry Eugene Hale (security guard) arrested for illegal possession of a firearm. He is reportedly the pastor’s security guard, thought the pastor has denied that. Armed Member of ‘Pfleger’s Security’ Arrested Outside His Church.

2017 – Village Baptist Church, The Village, OK. Johnnie Lee Moore (security guard) arrested for sexual assault and stalking of a child. Former The Village Church Worker Facing Seven Charges.

2017 – Kingdom Encounter Family Worship Center, Kenneth Butler (pastor) worked as a security guard in several medical facilities. He was arrested along with two other pastors in accused of sex-trafficking of children. 3rd Toledo Pastor Charged With Sex Trafficking Minors.

2016 – Unidentified church at Clarion Hotel and Conference Center, Colorado Springs, CO. Edward Ziegs (security guard) arrested for “unlawfully discharging a weapon,” which occurred during services. Security Guard Arrested After Gun Accidentally Fires During Colorado Springs Church Service.

2015 – Calvary Chapel Melbourne, Brevard County, FL. Andrew Martin Leone (church security minister) arrested for possessing child porn. Police: Church Security Minister Faces Child Porn Charges.

2012 – Victory Christian Church, Tulsa, OK. Several staff acted to cover up sexual abuse by two church janitors. Church Employees Arrested/Charged for Failure to Report Sexual Abuse.

1974 – Stanford Memorial Church, Santa Clara County, CA.  Stephen Blake Crawford (security guard) killed a young woman inside a church. He suicided after police closed in on him. Sheriff: Suicide Note Found At Murder Suspect’s Home.

2009 – Saddleback Church, Lake Forest, CA. Charles Mottern (security guard) arrested for “suspicion of burglary, possession of stolen property, evading arrest and resisting arrest.” Ex-LAPD Officer Arrested In Saddleback Church Thefts.

Church Shooters Who (at one time) Were Security Guards:

  • Emanuel Kidega Samson
  • Devin Patrick Kelly