Deaths Due to Covid-19

Churches have lost an extraordinary number of leaders due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A few such deaths occurred in the early stages before the magnitude of the threat was understood, but the vast majority took place after the threat was well-known.

Pastors not only put themselves at risk, but undoubtedly led to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands, as they down-played the epidemic and drew their followers into super-spreader gatherings. Was it arrogance, political grandstanding, or just plain greed? A conflict of interest,  many victims willed money to their church. How many parishioners felt obligated to follow their leaders, like those compelled to follow Rev. Jim Jones of the People’s Temple of Jonestown, Guyana.

This is not a census of all cases. One denomination reported they had lost over 30 pastors, but no list of names were available. Many additional cases are expected to be added in the future.